Team Hive-Shickluna

Team Hive-Shickluna was first established in 2000. The team started as six friends that would help each other out at races, and three years laster despite our growth to thirteen riders we are still a group of friends who enjoy racing and winning. One of the members of this group is the manager of Shickluna Bike Shop and was able to secure Shickluna Bike Shop as the team's first sponsor. The following year, the group decided to have a simple jersey silk-screened with the shop name on it. This was the true beginning of Team Shickluna.

Team Shickluna has grown in size and influence and is now recognized in almost every discipline of racing, including: road racing, time trials, triathlons, cycle-cross and mountain biking.

About Hive Lifespan Center

At Hive we look at health differently. Our lifespan center is a new look at health clubs that provide a comprehensive range of services that you wouldn't usually find in a gym. In addition to fitness facilities there are personal and group coaching programs, health services and an expert staff that you will find hard to beat. It's all designed to improve your quality of life for the long term by helping you actively take control of your health.