We inspire to ride

Are you looking to increase your cycling fitness, knowledge, speed, and confidence? Team Shickluna’s athletes are committed to supporting, mentoring, and developing local riders to achieve their personal cycling goals.

We are here to educate our community on the safest routes out of the city, the best low-traffic training courses, and locations of the most challenging climbs.

Enjoy a social spin with us or an up-tempo weekly training ride, whether you’re a local rider or just passing through.

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Shickluna Women

We are thrilled to introduce you to Shickluna Women, a ride series designed to empower female cyclists like yourself to enhance their skills and be part of a supportive community. Our team of female riders is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals both on and off the bike while growing the presence of women’s cycling in the Buffalo area.

Join us in this exciting journey towards personal growth and community building. We can’t wait to see you thrive with us!

Rides will be held weekly.  Check our ride calendar, stop by the shop, or visit Strava to see when we’re riding next.

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Don’t forget to complete the rider waiver for the Shickluna Women’s Ride series before joining a ride. It’s a quick tick-off of your to-do list that’s super important for all of us


Thursday Night Fireball Training Series

Join us each week on Grand Island as we partner with the Buffalo Bicycling Club to offer a high-paced, intense race training series. The races allow competitive-minded riders to develop criterium skills, cornering, pace lining, attacking, and race tactics. The more of these you attend, the better racer you will become. There will be both A and B group races each week.

Not a Buffalo Bicycling Club member?  Learn more about membership.

Shickluna Ambassadors & Athletes

Our family of exceptional athletes and ambassadors has grown in size and influence since its inception in 2000. They are riders from multiple disciplines, including road racing, triathlon, cyclocross, and all-around shredders. Whether it’s group rides, training knowledge, or racing, Shickluna riders aim to foster and build a stronger, more active, and healthier collective of cyclists.

Thanks to our current sponsors: KenDev Realty, Lloyd, Seth Seegert Esq, Pace Run Studio, and Nickel City Athletics. 


  • Todd Backes 
  • Bryan Hopkins 
  • Kathleen Granchelli
  • Mike Maywalt 
  • Melissa Parrish 
  • Max Reiling
  • Tom Robinson
  • Stephen Rupp 
  • Chris Salisbury
  • Halle Sauer
  • Jonathan Siuta
  • James Thompson 
  • Steve Wehling
  • Becca Witkin 
  • Sophie Wisoff