The story of our shop started in 1899

Founded in Buffalo’s West Side by Christopher Ben Shickluna, Shickluna Bikes began its journey as Guiding Star Cycle Works in 1899, located on 1223 Niagara Street.

Years later, in 1917, Ben’s brother, Kitt, opened another shop on 334 15th Street—just a few blocks away—where he, too, serviced bicycles, sold gasoline from a pump at the curb, and repaired motorcycles.

Nearly a century after the first shop on Niagara opened, Shickluna moved with its then-owner, Tom Pallas, to its current location at 1835 Hertel Avenue in North Buffalo.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

As we continue our journey, we are committed to preserving our heritage while exploring new avenues to serve you better. For us, it has always been—and always will be—about sharing the joy of riding.