Professional service for all kinds of bikes

Do you fix flat tires? Do you do custom builds? Do you restore and preserve historic bikes?

Yes, yes, and yes—all of the above and more. We assess every bike that enters our workshop the same way: through a thorough and honest assessment that includes what components may need to be repaired or replaced. 

With Shickluna, there are no surprises—we’ll talk you through the work before you leave the shop and update you should anything come up as we work. Call us today to schedule a time to drop your bike with us.

Bike Fit at Shickluna Bikes

At Shickluna Bikes, we believe that bike fitting is more than just aligning a rider with their bike; it’s about optimizing performance, comfort, and safety. A good bike fit on an appropriately sized bicycle is the foundation of an enjoyable cycling experience. Whether you’re a first-time rider, an all-around bike commuter, or an experienced racer, we are here to help you enjoy every minute of your cycling experience!