Bikes for everyone.

For casual riders, competitive cyclists, and everyone in between, our aim is the same: to have a good ride. At Shickluna, we’ve outfit Buffalo riders of all ages and skill levels with the proper bikes and gear to make good rides possible for over a century. Whether you’re looking to cruise around the neighborhood with your family and friends, gear up for your daily commute, or level up for your next race, we have what you need to ride your way.

Giant Liv Bianchi Scott Felt Marin Bianchi


Short for electric bikes, e-bikes are an environmentally friendly ride option with an integrated electric motor that gives a little extra push while you pedal.

An excellent fit for: Commuters; Outdoorsy Types; Families; the Young at Heart

Kids’ Bikes

The family that rides together stays together. Shickluna carries a variety of bike styles—including striders—for kids, ages 2 and up.

An excellent fit for: Kids, of course!

Gravel Bikes

One bike to rule them all, gravel bikes are incredibly versatile, between a road and a mountain bike. They are ideal for unfinished roads and paths that take you off the pavement and into new terrain.

An excellent fit for: Nature Lovers; Urban Explorers; Adventure Seekers

Hybrid Bikes

The best of both worlds, hybrid bikes are a perfect marriage between road and mountain bikes—great on paved roads, good on light trails, and always ready for Buffalo’s pothole-ridden streets.

An excellent fit for: Casual Riders; Families; Commuters

Road Bikes

A road bike may suit you if you need speed on smooth streets. With light frames, narrow tires, and aerodynamic designs, riding a road bike helps you cover more ground with less overall effort while also being an excellent choice for exercise.

An excellent fit for: Competitive Cyclists; Commuters; Fitness Enthusiasts

Mountain Bikes

Built to withstand uneven terrain, mountain bikes have sturdy frames, suspension, and wider tires that are ready and willing to tackle the trails.

An excellent fit for: Trail Riders; Adventure Seekers; Nature Lovers

Fixed Gear Bikes

Also known as fixies, these streamlined, low-maintenance bikes have only one gear, which means the pedals and the rear wheel are always connected, and you must pedal to move—there is no freewheeling here.

An excellent fit for: Commuters; Fitness Enthusiasts; Style Seekers