Shickluna Women – 2024 Ride Series Huddle

When: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Where: Shickluna Bikes

Shickluna Women is a program designed for female cyclists who want to improve their fitness, knowledge, speed, and confidence on the bike. The program aims to create a safe and supportive environment for female cyclists to learn, practice, and enhance their cycling skills. It is exclusively organized and led by Team Shickluna’s female riders, who are committed to supporting, mentoring, and developing local female cyclists to achieve their personal fitness goals on and off the bike.

The ride series huddle topics will cover important aspects such as rider waivers, ride times, routes, and pace goals (you can follow Shickluna Bikes on Strava for this), pre-ride preparation, saddle bag essentials, on-the-bike fueling and hydration, group ride etiquette and safety, and Q&A. Shickluna Women’s ultimate aim is to raise awareness and participation in women’s cycling throughout the greater Buffalo area, resulting in a stronger female cycling community.

Join us on this exciting journey. We can’t wait to see you thrive with us!